<strong>Outdoor</strong> Play

Outdoor Play

Children learn to love what they are given. Healthy & happy children are provided opportunities to play on the land, under the warmth of the sun, while being encouraged to pick fruit from trees & harvest vegetables from a garden.

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<strong>Celebrating</strong> All Seasons

Celebrating All Seasons

We always say, "there's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing". Children of BeeLoved Farm connect with all four seasons through real work and play in all weather.

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<strong>Creative</strong> Imagination

Creative Imagination

Fostering creative imagination in today's children paves the way for tomorrow's problem-solvers. Children need a thoughtful & wholly conscious education that is filled with strength, courage wisdom.

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Why We're Different

Our Blissful 5-Acre Organic Farm Setting

There is a noticeable difference in the children who attend BeeLoved Farm. That difference is often palpable to their parents shortly after enrollment. These children quickly become softer, more gentle, hardier, more self-sufficient, learn incredible social skills, are helpful, engage during circle-time, are captivated and live-into the stories and puppet plays, are incredibly creative, possess vast imaginations, have a bolstered emotional sturdiness, and have learned the social art of play, both independently and cooperatively. As "advanced" in life-skills as these children are, they still retain a sense of wonder and childhood innocence, as all the activities here on the farm are meant to nurture and preserve childhood.

Wee-Ones~Temporarily Suspended Due to HIGH DEMAND For PlaySchool
PlaySchool~ 3 & Younger 4-Year-Old Children
FolkSchool~ Older 4, 5 & 6-Year-Old Children
Parent + Child Education Classes

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Session #2 Parent-Child Education Classes (series of 5 Fridays)

Session #2 Parent-Child Education Classes will be held from 10:00 – 12:00 on Fridays; 11/4/22, 11/11/22, 11/18/22, and resume on 12/2/22, 12/9/22. The “Meet & Greet” with our Parent-Child Teacher, Ms. Danielle Murphy-Faris, is at 11:45 on Friday, 9/16/22 for a brief introduction, tour and orientation. We limit our classes to sets of 6 Parent-Child […]

Our Annual Festivals & Special School Days

2022 SUMMER SESSIONS: June 7th – June 24th from 8:30-1:00 (no vacancy) July 5th – July 22nd from 8:30-1:00 (no vacancy) 2022/2023 SCHOOL YEAR: Opening Day Celebration for Orchard Tree Farmer Track ~ Tues. 9/6/22 ~ 8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.Opening Day Celebration for Vegetable Garden Farmer Track ~ Wed. 9/7/22 ~ 8:30 a.m. – […]


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BeeLoved Farm

Because children’s experience of nature remains a vital and an irreplaceable source of healthy development, nothing less than the future of our species is at stake in maintaining and restoring this relationship. The crisis of deeply diminished connections between children and the biological basis of our humanity is too great for us to remain passive. The scale and scope of the problem calls for bold steps and a deeper understanding of what is at stake.

~ Reflections on Children's Experience of Nature, Stephen R. Kellert ~

About us
Expertise in Child Development & Commitment to the Philosophy Upon Which Waldorf Education is Based

BeeLoved Farm offers a curriculum rich in direct experience and vital processes with Mother Nature, which nurtures a sense of community and belonging among children, families, animals and the earth. Drawing on a deep understanding and continuous exploration of child development, our small class size, freedom to discover, fostered creativity and providing endless opportunities to deepen imaginative play, the curriculum provides a foundation of respect for the child's own developmental process and the unique unfolding of each child.

Forest Kindergartens and Farm School

In 2010, when BeeLoved Farm began, the idea of " Forest Kindergarten " and " Waldorf Without Walls " were rare. However, experts in child development and university studies continue to concluded that play-based early childhood programs, which provide time and space in nature, have incredibly healing effects on children. Anyone who has observed children recognizes that what is best for youngsters is the right to an uninterrupted childhood.

Meaningful Work

The child gains self-confidence through self-directed activities. Teachers model appropriate social skills, how to complete meaningful work, animal husbandry, and allow children time to play so they find within themselves the motivation for living and thriving in a nurturing environment. We include the children in vital processes throughout the farm, which have a beginning, a middle and an end; deepening their connections to the earth, the plants, the animals, their friends and to themselves.

Building Foundations For Life-Long Learning

A solid foundation for life-long learning begins in the formative years (0-7) through a logical sequence of steps that progressively build upon each other: 1) exploration, 2) curiosity, 3) enthusiasm, 4) engagement, 5) confidence, 6) imagination, 7) taking initiative, 8) and thus a foundation is built whereupon a healthy human being is now well prepared to perform good deeds in the world and help others!

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