PlaySchool~ 3 & Younger 4-Year-Old Children

Our PlaySchool (preschool) Program for 3 & 4 year old children can best be described as “developmentally appropriate and idyllic environment for the very young child based upon the philosophy behind Waldorf education”.

The PlaySchool program builds strong foundational senses (touch, balance, movement and a sense of well-being) in the physical body. PlaySchool also emphasizes the child’s natural curiosity in the world and the exploration of it.

Given appropriate freedom, the child builds self-confidence, self-respect, a deep care for the plants in nature and learns how to care for the animals. It is important that children of this age observe and share in meaningful work, deepening their capacity for empathy in others, learn how to play with others, and expand their problem solving capacities. The program draws-forth from the child his/her developing creativity and imagination, how to become a problem solver, how to best express themselves artistically, and how to cooperate and work together with their friends as a team. This also sets the stage for the beginning steps toward taking initiative, and learning some basic life skills (gardening, food preparation, harvesting fruit and vegetables, animal husbandry, food preservation, etc.).

PlaySchooler’s typically attend either Tues/Thurs or Wed/Fri from 8:15-12:30, which is $350/mo. or a 2:30 pick-up time, which is $450/month. There is an annual $50 art supply & material fee, which also helps support our festivals.


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