Wee-Ones~Temporarily Suspended

Program for children 2 years of age. This class is taught by Taylor Hodgkin, who was originally trained in LifeWays, which can best be described as “Waldorf for the very young child”. Taylor has years experience working with children ages birth to three. Taylor has a deep understanding of the curriculum for the young child, […]

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PlaySchool~ 3 & Younger 4-Year-Old Children

Our PlaySchool (preschool) Program for 3 & 4 year old children can best be described as “developmentally appropriate and idyllic environment for the very young child based upon the philosophy behind Waldorf education”. The PlaySchool program builds strong foundational senses (touch, balance, movement and a sense of well-being) in the physical body. PlaySchool also emphasizes […]

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FolkSchool~ Older 4 & 5-Year-Old Children

TK & Kindergarten Program for older 4 & 5-year-old children. TK & Kg. quality for a homeschool voucher, which almost entirely pays for our annual 2-day per week program. For a list of Charter Schools that serve El Dorado and Sacramento Counties, click here. FolkSchoolers typically attend either Tues/Thurs or Wed/Fri from 8:15-2:30, which is […]

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For Grade-School children. Due to the popularity of our Early Childhood Program, particularly the PlaySchool, we have expanded to include a second PlaySchool class and have thus utilized the upper classroom that formerly housed the EarthSchool classroom. Therefore, I encourage families of grade-school children to contact Cedar Springs PEA for interest in an education that […]

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Parent + Child

These classes are taught in 4-week blocks by our teachers. Each teacher has unique gifts, hidden tools, connects deeply in certain aspects of child development, or wishes to share their experiences with parents of young children. Our parenting sessions are unique in that they are taught be trained Waldorf teachers who have had years of […]

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Starting an outdoor early childhood program? We offer consulting services on an array of subjects including: parenting, farming, Nourishing Traditions (building your immune system through gut health), natural healing methods, outdoor education, natural beekeeping, eurythmy, biodynamic preparations, making compost, etc. Please call and let us know what needs you may have.

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