Program for children 2 years of age. This class is taught by Taylor Hodgkin, who was originally trained in LifeWays, which can best be described as “Waldorf for the very young child”. Taylor has years experience working with children ages birth to three. Taylor has a deep understanding of the curriculum for the young child, ages birth to three years, and created an enriching and nurturing Waldorf program for two-year-old’s.

The 2-year-old program focuses on movement, balance, warmth, touch, exploration, nutrition, sleep hygiene, social skills, language skills, using words to express oneself, taking steps toward self-sufficiency, exploration, community meals, and beginning steps toward gaining emotional sturdiness away from their parent/guardian. Wee-ones attend just 2 days per week and are usually picked-up after lunch at noon, which is $300/month.


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State Licensing: Department of Social Services-Community Care ~ Children's Center License Number: 093617568