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Founder, Director, Teacher

Kelly Hodgkin ~ Hello, friends and community. I married my first love, Bill Hodgkin, and we brought three children into this world; our first-born was a son, Colt, followed by two daughters, Shayne and Taylor.

I discovered Waldorf education while pregnant with our youngest child, Taylor, and never looked back. Thanks to the teachings surrounding Waldorf Education and my life-long mentor, Nancy Poer, I was inspired to start a little Waldorf School here in our back yard in a 2-room school house that my husband built and became the founding board president of Cedar Springs Waldorf School.

Before Taylor was 18 months old, we christened the original 2-room school house of Cedar Springs Waldorf School (CSWS) here on our property at 2949 Ponderosa Road on Michaelmas, September 29th, 1990.

CSWS began with just two grades. Colt, our son, was in the 1st grade and Shayne, our oldest daughter, was in the Kindergarten. Having hosted the Kindergarten teacher here in our home for the first 6 months of their move here from Hawaii, I never imagined that I would become a Waldorf Early Childhood educator some 20 years later.

Continue reading if you wish to learn how that transition was made. We were so fortunate that the interest in our community was such that CSWS grew 8 grades in 8 years (the first in the nation to do so) and were able to purchase property and thrive as a full grades school; although the school continued to utilize the two-room school house on our property until 2000. Therefore, all three of our children were able to graduate grade school from CSWS.

BeeLoved Farm started-out as a small biodynamic farm raising heritage-breed animals and producing fresh milk. As a result of increased interest in the farm animals from oodles of families with young children, coupled with Taylor’s interest in Early Childhood Education, in September of 2010, BeeLoved Farm became licensed by the State and was transformed from a small micro farm to a children’s center.

In September, 2017 BeeLoved Farm “PlaySchool” was renamed BeeLoved Farm “Children’s Center” because we have not only added a second PlaySchool class for the 3 & young 4-year-old children, but we also added the FolkSchool class for older 4 and 5-year-old children. Additionally, in September of 2017, BeeLoved Farm became a member of the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North-America.

I have taught every age group from infants to Kindergarten and enjoy teaching the parent + child education classes for new moms and dads as well. I am committed to an anthroposophical and spiritual view of the child, alongside my lovely colleagues, as we continue to support families and children in our community. In gratitude!

Waldorf Teacher Training Certificate (Early Childhood), Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training
LifeWays Early Childhood Certificate, Rudolf Steiner College
Research for Infant Educarers Foundations Series (R.I.E. Series 1)
Holistic Approach to Neurological-Developmental Learning Efficiencies (H.A.N.D.L.E.)
B.S. Business Administration, with dual concentrations in Accounting & Finance
M.Sc.B.A., with a concentration in tax law
Formerly licensed as California C.P.A.
Formerly SEC licensed in Securities (Series 7, 57, 63, 65)


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