FolkSchool Teacher ~ Shayne Hodgkin


PlaySchool (preschool) ~ Shayne Hodgkin is the oldest daughter and middle child of Bill & Kelly Hodgkin. As a Waldorf graduate, Shayne has many interests. Upon graduation, she moved to Santa Barbara to attend UC Santa Barbara and ultimately graduated from UC Davis as an architectural interior designer (yes, her 8th grade project at the Waldorf School was architecture). Having worked and been quite successful in her industry but feeling unfulfilled, Shayne attended Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks and obtained her Teacher Training Certificate for Waldorf Early Childhood.

Shayne assisted “Ms. Veronica” at Cedar Springs before becoming a lead preschool teacher herself at the Garland School in Vermont, which is committed to an early childhood program based upon the philosophy behind Waldorf education. Shayne also led an outdoor program for young children at the Gazebo School in Big Sur, which shares the property with the well-known and very well-established Esalen Institute.

Shayne is currently completing her teaching commitment as the lead teacher for a small pod in Santa Barbara. Shayne has purchased her first home in downtown Placerville and will soon be an aunty and will be a lead teacher in one of the PlaySchool classes.

Shayne has traveled extensively to 12+ countries, has completed two yoga teacher training programs, is a certified massage therapist (Esalen Trained), built her own tiny home that was featured at the Hither and Thither website ~ rode her bike from Brookings, OR to Davis, CA., loves to play multiple instruments including the violin, makes furniture, carves, paints, hikes, SUP’s, kayaks, runs, is an avid backpacker, a voracious reader, and grows a LOT of her own food.


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