Charter School Voucher System: As part of a homeschooling program

The enrichment program available at BeeLoved Farm Waldorf FolkSchool is approved as a vendor for El Dorado County's charter school system. BeeLoved Farm's "FolkSchool" ensures 100% tuition support through the homeschool voucher program. FolkSchool tuition is approximately $400 per month ($3,600 or $4,000/year depending on timliness of payments), which is paid-for through the State's homeschool voucher system. We calculate that of the $400 payment made each month, that approximately $350 per month is tuition and approximately $50 per month goes toward the expense of food and supplies. However, due to our extensive focus on Folk Crafts, a gap of approximately $65+ still remains per year. Therefore, there is an additional materials & supplies fee of $33 per semester.