Waldorf PlaySchool Program ~ 8:15 am to 12:30 pm including snack and lunch

Visitors are given a farm tour and participate in our daily rhythm: 
For those who may be asking, "what exactly is Playschool?" Very simply, we help build healthy children through an wholistic childhood, which should be every child's birthright. This "once in a lifetime phase" of childhood should not be rushed. If anything, it should be steeped, relished and savored. A healthy childhood serves as both the foundation for and development of a whole, healthy and  more integrated child; leading to a love of learning and life-long learners.

 It is the right of every child to have a childhood, the preservation of which is becoming nearly impossible to claim. However, all of the activities we do here each day at BeeLoved Farm Playschool returns the right of a preserved childhood in a healthy, peaceful, unhurried way to our most precious and young souls....the children.

As trained teachers, we recognize the importance of the five foundational areas of the young child's care; warmth, rest, rhythm, activity, and nutrition, and help parents with questions to learn more about these 5 foundational areas.

Beyond our respective Waldorf Teacher Training Programs, we have had additional training (Adam & Nancy Blannings "Nurturing Roots" Training), or are currently taking extra lesson training (Ingun Schneider's "Waldorf Learning Support") to supplement our intentional work during the child's first 7 years of life.

The first 7 years of life, the child's first 4 senses develop; touch, a healthy sense of well-being, movement & balance. When the first 4 senses have been mindfully developed, the child is more fully integrated with strong a body that serve them, as opposed to ailments of a weakended body that ultimately hinder them.

We recognize the importance of and specifically address the 7 life processes of the developing child's physiology; breathing, warm­ing, nutrition, circulation, maintenance, growth and maturation, and reproduction. Mindfulness and nurturing of these 7 life processes are the cornerstone to a child's health and well-fare for the rest of their life. We take our work very seriously knowing that our work will lay the cornerstone to a child's entire life.

Einstein once said, "if you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales".

 BeeLoved Farm Waldorf PlaySchool Children's Program:

8:15-8:30 am Awaiting Children's Arrival
8:00-9:05 Indoor Playtime (we linger a bit longer during very wet or cold weather) 
9:05-9:25 Tidy-Tidy Time & Circle Time 
9:25-9:35  Use Restroom/Wash Hands &  Everyone Takes Something to the Dining Bungalow
9:35-10:05 Blessing & Morning Snack
10:05-11:30  Visit Farm Animals, Collect Eggs, Empty Compost, Washing, Farm Activities & Play
11:30-11:35 Bathroom Break & Wash Hands
11:35-11:45 Water Break and a Puppet Play In the Bungalow
11:45-12:15 Blessings & Lunch
12:15-12:30 Free Play Until Morning Children are Pick-Up
12:30 pm  

Good-Bye Song to Playschool Friends Leaving After Lunch & Nappers Prepare for Naptime

Napping Rhythm ~ We often have lavendar foot baths & almost always when it is hot. The children use the restroom, brush teeth (each child is given their own toothbrush), faces are washed with lavendar-soaked washcloth, every child may get their "lovie" from the lovie basket (sometime sweet to sleep with that the child brings from home), story-time (which likely includes a small table puppet play), into their own napping nook (each child has their own nook & we do not share napping nooks), tummies or tootsies rubbed with lavendar oil while singing a special "Mother Dear & Father Dear" lull-a-bye, the Kinderharp is played to the same lull-a-bye tune and finally, Nursery Rhymes are read as the children are falling asleep.

Daily Activities Include: Coloring, Painting, Baking & Cooking, Crafting, Gardening, Laundry (washing, wringing, hanging, ironing), Farm Projects, Landscaping Projects, Washing Dishes, Caring for the Animals, and Nature Activities. 8:00am - 12:30pm ($400/month) or 8:15am - 2:45pm ($500/month)

Some children are picked-up after lunch at 12:30. Art, Music, Crafting, Resting children are picked-up at 2:45.

For those children who don't nap, they may attend afternoon Art, Music or Crafting from 1:00-2:45.

BeeLoved Farm PlaySchool Resting Rhythm:

12:30 pm   Say or Sing Farewell to "Morning" Children
12:45 pm   Lavendar Foot Baths, Brush Teeth, Lavendar Facecloth, Use Bathroom
12:55 pm   Story Time, Lavender Oil Foot Rub, Sing & Play Harp
2:45 pm   Say or Sing Farewell to "Afternoon" Children

SLOW COOKING: Both meals, snack and lunch, are made from scratch with organic ingredients and no preservatives or additives.
Variations in the menu may change based on seasonal foods available on the farm.