NOTE: Homeschoolers (TK & Kg.) Are Eligible for Tuition Funding.

FolkSchool Classes Include: Cooking, gardening, food preservation,animal husbandry, fiber arts, baking, old-world crafts, plant-based dying, broom-making, doll-making, wood-working, metal-working, wet-on-wet water color painting, modeling with beeswax, harvesting fruit/nut trees.

Our FolkSchool program is intended to be part-time at 2 days per week.  

Monday - Friday FolkSchool Classes from  8:15a.m.- 2:45p.m. with options for afterschool options that include art, music and crafts.

Two "Tracks":
Tues/Thurs (Orchard Tree Farmers) track
Wed/Fri  (Vegetable Farmers) track.

Ages range from approximately 4.75-7 years old.

Our fall semester begins in August and runs from September through December. Our spring semester runs from January through May, with the month of May being a "gift" from the school if all previous payments have been made continguously and on time. Summer sessions are scheduled based on teacher availability.