NOTE: Homeschoolers TK & Kg. onward are eligible for 100% funding.

Afternoon ArtSchool is offered Tues-Fri, 1:00-3:00 p.m. for those children who no longer require a formal rest period or nap. The art teacher will begin afternoon ArtSchool with a story that relates to that day's art project, wherein the story in itself provides space for peaceful quiet time and a brief rest period.

ArtSchool is taught be teachers who have earned thier Master's Degree in Fine Arts (Carrie Gamble, MFA & Jenny Gannon, MFA). Art projects and mediums will vary; painting, drawing, mask-making, jewelry-making, etc.

The focus and intenstion is on the artistic and creative process and not on the production of a deliverable to take home. The creative process is easily cultivated in children during their formative years and therefore we feel strongly that young children should have many experiences with color, textures and exploring a variety of mediums.