We hosted a parent/child meet-up yesterday for mommies with their young babies/toddlers (10 months - 20 months). For the 5 mothers who were able to join us for a morning of play, tea and rice porridge, and a farm tour to meet our animal friends, the most often asked question was, "why Waldorf"?

As a parent of three Waldorf-educated children, it was all I could do to contain myself, not leap to my feet and launch into a zealous (borderline manic) expression of love and gratitude over how the discovery of Waldorf education impacted and shaped our family's life in the most amazing and beautiful way. I praise that wintery day I rode down to Rudolf Steiner College with Patti Connolly and Kathleen Campbell-Howard, rather pregnant with our 3rd child, to hear Nancy Poer deliver a lecture on "The Care of the Young Child". I describe it this way, "my life began the day I married my husband (30 years on 5/22/12), my life took on meaning the day I met Nancy Poer and the philosophy behind Waldorf education."

If you think my perspective on how monumental this moment was to my life, my husband's life and the lives of our three children, simply watch this video and look into the eyes of the students, alumni, and parents of the Marin Waldorf School and tell me they don't feel the same way. This education just can't be contained in the sentence, "how best to educate children". These schools should be described as, "how best to educate the child, the family, the community, the State, the country, the world."

In my opinion, my Waldorf community is my most valued relationship outside my marriage and parenthood, but without the Waldorf community, my relationship with my husband and to our children would be rather dull, drab and, from the looks of things in our society, likely bordering on tenuousness.

I urge every family to take a serious look at their local Waldorf school and ask themselves, "what is best for my child and what do they REALLY need to flourish in the world?" With gratitude to Nancy Poer, the Steiner College, the Cedar Springs Waldorf School community, Dr. Rudolf Steiner and all those who have helped to make Waldorf educaiton the number one education system in the world!


PLAY AGAIN ~ Movie Trailer: Why ‘PLAY’ is the purpose for childhood and being out in nature EVERY SINGLE DAY is vitally important to the health of our the health of our society.

Here are some quotes from the trailer of "Play Again":

"Probably during the day I sent about 3 hundred, to 4 hundred, to 5 hundred text messages."  "My main goal when I get home from school is to get my homework done so I can play games". "When I play video games, it's like I'm in my own little world".

 ....."the landscape of childhood has changed". "We are hard-wired to need nature; we don't do so well when we don’t have that kind of experience". "What are you missing when you're looking at screens?" “We are destroying our ability to reproduce ourselves as a healthy culture”. ”We need to put them [children] in a situation in which they can have a sense of wonder”. “What they will not value, they will not protect, and what they will not protect, they will lose”.

Quite simply, it’s a very small request…..value and protect childhood and let the children PLAY AGAIN!

Simplicity-Starter-KitRECEIVED A STANDING OVATION AT SACRAMENTO WALDORF SCHOOL LAST NIGHT! Kim gave the most outstanding lecture I've ever attended last night. As a parent, give yourself, your child, your family and your community the gift of simplicity. Rely on your instincts and create a world of peace for your family by resisting the tempations of "the crazies". It's difficult to resist the temptations presented in's world and without complete consciousness, it's possible to easily slip into a trap that doesn't allow breath, space, contemplation, creativity, gratitude, joyfulness, and quiet contentment with oneself. Read Simplicity Parenting and save your life from the gremlins that just love to "steal your time, roll it up, and smoke it".