Carrie Gamble - Art Teacher, Afternoon ArtSchool (Ages: 4.75 years - onward) ~ Carrie is a professional artist and Waldorf parent. Carrie’s commissioned artwork ensouls a space and inspires the discerning contemplator toward healing. We are truly blessed to have Carrie Gamble, mother of Kyla and Kendal Kohmescher, share her amazing artistic talent with older children, who no longer require a nap, here at BeeLoved Farm (parents welcome too). Carrie's experience in the classroom provided her with PROOF POSITIVE that children are hungry for art and there is no question that art helps serve as a foundation for creative thinking and learning.

Carrie received her undergraduate Degree in Fine Art from Sonoma State (emphasis painting) and has her CA multi-subject AND single-subject Teaching Credential. Carrie trained at Rudolf Steiner College during the Summer Public School Teacher’s training. Carrie has also studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and traveled extensively throughout the world studying historic, cultural and modern/current art. We are exceedingly bless that Carrie has offered to share her knowledge, talent and heart with our community....she is provideinig truly an amazing opportunity to help create healthy children who see the world as a good, beautiful and truthful place!