Kelly Hodgkin - Lead Teacher, PlaySchool (Ages: 2 - 4.75) ~  Certified Waldorf Early Childhood teacher. Director of BeeLoved Farm PlaySchool & PlaySchool, and founding board president of Cedar Springs Waldorf School. Kelly and her husband, Bill, are parents of three children and alumni parents of both Cedar Springs Waldorf School and Sacramento Waldorf High School.

Kelly graduated from the Bay Area Center Waldorf Teacher Training program with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education, thus, a certified Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher. Additionally, Kelly earned her LifeWays Certificate from Rudolf Steiner College, which emphases Waldorf methods for children birth to 5 years. Kelly has been teaching at BeeLoved Farm Waldorf School since August 1, 2011 and worked as an assistant for 1 year prior to that at “Starbright”, a Waldorf Preschool in Fair Oaks owned/operated by Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher and LifeWays teacher.

Kelly's holds dual concentrations in in her undergraduate degreen in both accounting and finance, Business of Science at CSU-Sacramento (B.S. Business -- Accounting/Finance). Kelly's graduate degree was a dual program through Sac State (MSBA -- Taxaxation) and the McGeorge School of Law Master’s in Law -- Taxation (LLM --Taxation). Kelly was formerly a CPA and worked for PriceWaterhouseCoopers and held security licenses in finance (SEC series, 6, 7, 57, 63, 65) for her work as a stockbroker, college professor, and teaching CPA's continuing and professional education courses. Kelly's former career in accounting and finance lead to CFO of an international securities analyst firm.

Upon the graduation of her youngest child from Sac. Waldorf, Kelly scaled back from the financial industry and on August 1st, 2011, while still completing the LifeWays teacher training program, Kelly helped her daughter start BeeLoved Farm PlaySchool. Continuing her early childhood education, she completed the RIE Foundation Certificate (Research for Infant Educarers for children ages birth to 5) and then went-on to earn her Waldorf Teacher Training Certificate. Kelly is currently enrolled in Robyn Brown's curative education training.

Candice Ellis - Lead Teacher, FolkSchool (Ages: 4.75 - 7) ~  Candice is a graduate of the "Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training" program and a Certified Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher. Candice also graduated from the LifeWays Program in the Bay Area headed by Marianne Alsop. Candice's classroom experience includes teaching both indoor and outdoor environmental Waldorf education programs in the Bay Area. Candice began an internship at BeeLoved Farm PlaySchool & FolkSchool (WECAN & IAWSECE approved Waldorf preschool & Kindergarten programs) last year and we are thrilled to annouce that she will begin the 2018/2019 school year beginning September 4th as lead Kindergarten teacher for the FolkSchool.

Candace has enjoyed working with young children and their families for the past fifteen years both as an in-home caregiver and, more recently, as a Waldorf Kindergarten Teacher.  We were so thrilled that after completion of her Waldorf early childhood studies at the Bay Area Waldorf Teacher Training program, she furthered her studies and graduated from the Waldorf Based “LifeWays” training, under the direction of Marianne Alsop. There are only a handful of teachers in the country who have completed both trainings and we are so pleased that both Candace and Kelly took the initiative to complete both of these Early Childhood training programs.

As a teacher, Candace strives to create and foster a learning environment which is beautiful, inspiring, healthy and natural for the growing child. She has observed how deeply young children absorb, imitate and then embody everything they encounter in their surroundings. Thus, she believes that providing a solid foundation of warmth, kindness, rhythm and form allows for the children in the classroom to feel secure and ready to participate and to learn. In addition, she loves to witness the exuberance and excitement the children express while learning all of the wonderful things they themselves can do and create with their two, strong hands.

Candace is passionate about protecting what she believes to be the “sacred seed of childhood”. In her own words, “Allowing a child to take in the world at their own pace while filled with wonder, ignites the process of their intellect to naturally unfold, as the petals of a flower will open at will to the warm and inviting rays of the sun. Such an awakening of the imagination and the inspired understanding which follows, is the greatest gift of childhood.”

Outside of the classroom, Candace enjoys spending time in nature, enlivening her storytelling through speech work, wildcrafting, up-cycling, studying the religions and spirituality of the East and leaning about compassionate leadership.

Carrie Gamble - Art Teacher, Afternoon ArtSchool (Ages: 4.75 years - onward) ~ Carrie is a professional artist and Waldorf parent. Carrie’s commissioned artwork ensouls a space and inspires the discerning contemplator toward healing. We are truly blessed to have Carrie Gamble, mother of Kyla and Kendal Kohmescher, share her amazing artistic talent with older children, who no longer require a nap, here at BeeLoved Farm (parents welcome too). Carrie's experience in the classroom provided her with PROOF POSITIVE that children are hungry for art and there is no question that art helps serve as a foundation for creative thinking and learning.

Carrie received her undergraduate Degree in Fine Art from Sonoma State (emphasis painting) and has her CA multi-subject AND single-subject Teaching Credential. Carrie trained at Rudolf Steiner College during the Summer Public School Teacher’s training. Carrie has also studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and traveled extensively throughout the world studying historic, cultural and modern/current art. We are exceedingly bless that Carrie has offered to share her knowledge, talent and heart with our community....she is provideinig truly an amazing opportunity to help create healthy children who see the world as a good, beautiful and truthful place!

Jenny Gannon - Substitute Teacher, FolkSchool (4.75 - 7 year old's) ~ Certified Waldorf Early Childhood teacher.  Jenny was lead kindergarten teacher at Camellia Waldorf School for 8 years.  She is an alumni parent at Sacramento Waldorf School.  Jenny recently completed "Nurturing the Roots", a three year program focusing on a therapeutic approach to early childhood including movement, puppetry, games, observation and assessment training. Jenny graduated from Rudolf Steiner College Waldorf Teacher Training Training Program in Fair Oaks, with a Waldorf Teacher's Certificate in Early Childhood. Jenny also holds a BFA and MA in Studio Art from CSUS.