BeeLoved Farm Playschool Children's Center offers a Waldorf/LifeWays Environment. The focus is on rhythm through our daily activities, weekly chores, monthly puppet-plays, seasonal journey circles, and our experiences with nature throughout the year. Relationship-based care is of utmost importance for the young child. Children ages one year and older will form a "family" with their care provider, which will help each child grow and blossom in this Waldorf-Inspired, LifeWays Care Preschool Program.

One of the most important threads through all of our activities will be nurturing the young child. Our program is child centered, yet not child led. Teachers here guide our sweet community of friends and encourage the unfolding of all the children in our care.

The children work and play, with friends of various ages, and through their daily activities together, strengthen their social skills while solidifying their emotional fortitude.

Working in the garden and taking long nature walks builds a strong connection in a developing child to the changing seasons. Growing within the child is a sense of appreciation and gratitude for nature's world that surrounds them & a love for beauty.

As a result of harvesting and preparing food they have grown themselves, the children enjoy eating seasonal foods. Eventually, the children take notice how the food they eat during mealtime changes throughout the year and how their compost is used to help create the “beds” for their seed babies. This process of having a beginning, middle, and an end, is a key element that is repeated over and over again within the LifeWays and Waldorf-inspired “curriculum”.

Authentic activities, creative play, a deep connection with nature, cheerfully performed household tasks, meaningful farm chores, and a healthy dose of arts & crafts, IS the foundation for learning.

Stories of times long ago and people far away will be shared, or maybe stories of what is yet to happen! Visual storytelling plays an important part in our program and Waldorf education pedagogy. Puppetry is healing, and we find even the youngest children captivated by our simple puppet plays. Songs and circle games, singing games, finger games, rhymes, and games we make up will be woven into our day, which usually reflect the changing seasons. The beauty of spoken verses, which may well have been put to finger games or gestures, are very helpful for literacy development.

Parents will be invited to join us in preparing, creating, and celebrating festivals throughout the year. Parents will also be encouraged and offered opportunities to learn more about Child Development, Waldorf Philosophy and LifeWays Principles and Practices. Our environment will be media-free and parents will be encouraged to consider the benefits of such a screen-free environment in their own home.


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