Our Children's Programs

PlaySchool ~ Ages 2-5
FolkSchool ~ Ages 5-7
Afternoon ArtSchool (T & Th) or MusicSchool (W & F) is for non-nappers up to age 7.
Inquire about 100% funding for homeschoolers. Click the "MORE INFORMATION" button and scroll through to read about our programs.

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Afternoon ArtSchool & MusicSchool

Dr. Rudolf Steiner once wrote something to the effect of ~ Joy in living, a love for all existence - such are among the life long results of a right cultivation of the feeling for beauty, music and for art.

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Our focus is on folk-crafts such as fiber arts, wood-working, broom-making, natural dyed silk, food preservation, natural doll-making, metal crafts, making healing balms, natural cough syrup & soothing salves, etc.

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Preserving Childhood

We offer one-of-a-kind (mostly) outdoor farm programs for children of various ages. PlaySchool for the younger child & FolkSchool/FarmSchool for children ages 5-7. Click on the "MORE INFORMATION" button and scroll down to read about our programs, including FolkSchool & ArtSchool for homeschooling families.

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Our focus is on movement, social graces, emotional sturdiness, caring for Mother Earth’s plants & animals, caring for their friends and themselves. This is a huge task for the very young child and we invite any parent to observe how beautifully this happens here on the farm. As these wee-farmers grow, the become incredibly independent, self-sufficient, inquisitive, co-operative, creative and begin to take initiative.

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Jul 15 2017

Simplicity-Starter-KitRECEIVED A STANDING OVATION AT SACRAMENTO WALDORF SCHOOLT! Kim John Payne gave a most outstanding lecture at SWS last night. As a parent, give yourself, your child, your family and your community the gift of simplicity. Rely on your instincts and create a world of peace for your family by resisting the tempations of "the crazies". It's difficult to resist the temptations presented in ...today's world and without complete consciousness, it's possible to easily slip into a trap that doesn't allow breath, space, contemplation, creativity, gratitude, joyfulness, and quiet contentment with oneself. Read Simplicity Parenting and save your life from the gremlins that just love to "steal your time, roll it up, and smoke it".

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