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We are proud to be named a LifeWays Representative Site by LifeWays North America.

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Mixed Ages

Our "farmers" come in all sizes. We're more like a family, wherein the younger children are adored and the older children are admired.

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Beeloved Farm Playschool Children's Center

We focus on rhythm through our daily activities, weekly chores, monthly puppet plays, seasonal circles, and our experiences with nature throughout the year.

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LifeWays Care Philosophy

As LifeWays Care and/or Certified Waldorf teachers, we focus on five areas of the child's care; warmth, rest, rhythm, activity, and nutrition.

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Our Services

Playschool Begins Between 8:00-9:00a with 3 different dismissal times: Morning (12:30p); Short Afternoon (3:00p); Long Afternoon (anytime between 3:15-5:00p).

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