Our Children's Programs

PlaySchool for 2-5 Year Old’s; FolkSchool for 5-7 Year Old’s, & Afternoon ArtSchool for non-napping children up to age 7.

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Afternoon ArtSchool

"Joy in living, a love for all existence - such are among the life long results of a right cultivation of the feeling for beauty and for art" ~Rudolf Steiner

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Our focus is on folk-crafts such as fiber arts, wood-working, broom-making, natural dyed silk, food preservation, natural doll-making, metal crafts, making healing balms, natural cough syrup & soothing salves, etc.

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Preserving Childhood

We offer one-of-a-kind outdoor farm programs for children of various ages.

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Our focus is on movement, social graces, emotional sturdiness, caring for Mother Earth’s plants & animals, caring for their friends and themselves. This is a huge task for the very young child and we invite any parent to observe how beautifully this happens here on the farm. As these wee-farmers grow, the become incredibly independent, self-sufficient, inquisitive, co-operative, creative and begin to take initiative.

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Jul 15 2017

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